Swimming in tantalizing circles under the ice or in open water for suspended game fish, the Jigging Rap features a balanced, zinc weighted minnow profile. Single reversed hooks with center treble and eyelet, this bait can also be bottom bounced, yo-yo style off the bottom with unbeatable results. Wide range of sizes is complimented with natural and glow color patterns.
Model Number Running Depth Body Length Weight Treble Hook Price
W2 Variable 1-1/4" 1/8 oz. One No. 14 $5.25
W3 Variable 1-1/2" 3/16 oz. One No. 12 $5.25
W5 Variable 2" 5/16 oz. One No. 10 $5.95
W7 Variable 2-3/4" 5/8 oz. One No. 7 $6.50
W9 Variable 3-1/2" 7/8 oz. One No. 6 $7.50

  • Minnow Profile
  • Balanced Design
  • Environmental Zinc Weighted
  • Standard and Glow Colors
  • Single Reversed Hooks
  • Center Treble & Eyelet
  • Swimming Action Tail Fin

Chrome Blue

Chrome Red




Glow Blue Tiger

Glow Green Tiger


Glow Hot Perch

Glow Red Tiger

Glow Tiger


Gold Yellow Perch


Gold Fluorescent Red


Green Tiger UV

Orange Tiger UV




Pink Tiger UV

Rainbow Trout



Silver Fluorescent Chartreuse


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