The legendary Shad Rap is known as the world's best running hardbait. The shad silhouette of this lure resembles common forage and is proven to catch big fish. The Shad Rap is a balsa wood lure with classic Rapala swimming action. Appropriate for all species of game fish.

Model No. Body Length Weight Treble Hooks
SR05 2" 3/16 oz Two No. 6
SR07 2 3/4" 5/16 oz Two No. 5

Model No. Body Length Weight Treble Hooks
JSR05 2" 1/4 oz No. 6 & 7
JSR07 2 3/4" 7/16 oz Two No. 4

Shad Rap & Jointed Shad Rap
Species: All Freshwater Game Species
Technique: Casting & Trolling
Running Depth: 4' - 15'
Recommended Knot: Double Loop Knot
Price: $8.95 ea.

Gold Fish Red

Gold Fish Red

Pearl White

Pearl White

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