It's been said that Little and Big Bays de Noc have no "fishing season" because fishing here never ends. Walleye, smallmouth bass, trout, salmon, pike and perch are the predominant species.

The walleye season starts May 15 and serious fishermen expect near limit catches through the middle of June. From mid-June to the middle of July, eperienced walleye fishermen will test their skills throughout the bay. Mid-July thorugh late August is a great time for planer board action while the late fall is when you'll have the best chance for a really big trophy-size walleye.

Smallmouth bass season opens the last Saturday of May as the fish are just getting on their beds to spawn. Great catches are seen through the middle of June and again in mid to late Ocotber on underwater points. Northern pike are best from spring to mid-summer near weed beds and again in late September to mid-October along steep dropoffs. Perch are caught in all seasons but are most active for the two weeks right after ice goes out. We'll be happy to add you to the list of perch fishermen who get a special call as the ice disappears from the bay.

To get the most of your limited vacation time, experienced local guides are available. And don't forget your camera! We're firm believers in "catch and release" and "selective harvest," but you'll want a few snapshots of the big ones you catch before returning them to the water.

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