Gator Bait 400 Fishing Lure

Solid construction for big game fishing. The Gator Bait 400 has a long lip and shad body that delivers an erratic wobbling action at a wide range of speeds. The long diving lip and high buoyancy create a realistic struggle of a wounded bait fish. This versatile lure can be trolled at various speeds, 0.8-2.5 MPH. The finish reflects UV light, getting the fish's attention and significantly increasing the effective range of the lure. Minnows and other bait fish have scales that reflect UV light, so we figure why shouldn't our lures? Walleye, trout, salmon, bass, and pike. Dives to 23 feet. Depth chart included.


  • Extreme Tail-Whip
  • Erratic action caused by the long diving lip and high buoyancy struggle
  • Reflects UV light for added attractant and realism
  • Internal bait fish rattle chamber
  • Dives to 23'. Precision trolling depth chart included
  • 3 3/4": shad body profile
  • Equipped with durable ultra-sharp hooks
  • Troll or cast
Sky Blue
Raspberry Cream
Bengal Tiger
Rainbow Perch
Black Mamba
Pink Lemonade
Pink Squirrel
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