A rattling minnow imitator designed to deliver a wide erratic action. This tournament winning "jerkbait" has a curved design, "V-bill" for speed, and nearly suspends without weights.

Cast It:The Ripstick can be cast and then retrieved at various speeds, even at high speed with its unique "V-bill" design. A rip and pause motion will often times trigger strikes. On a normal cast the Ripstick will achieve a depth of 5-6 feet.

Troll It:The Ripstick can be trolled at various speeds. Higher speeds are possible with its "V-bill" design. Depth is determined by line size, length of line, and speed of the boat, but 10-12 feet has been achieved. Also for getting the Ripstick down deep, try lead core, wire line, and other trolling devices and weights.

Reef Runner crankbaits incorporate their special Eagle Claw® Laser Sharp® treble hooks. They are "sticky sharp", hold true, and are the finest quality hooks made in the U.S.A.
Standard Colors
02 Black Minnow
04 Chrome & Blue
05 Chrome & Black
08 Perch
09 Green Perch
16 Emerald Shiner
18 Golden Shiner

20 Clear Chartreuse
Blue Back
21 Fire Tiger

22 Chartreuse
w/ Green Back
23 Chartreuse
w/ Blue Back
32 Threadfin Shad

36 Rainbow Trout
37 Metallic Watermelon
44 Texas Red
53 Purple Demon
64 Mud Minnow
67 Gold Clown
68 Silver Clown
88 Eriedescent
95 Wonder Bread
97 Flame
98 Grey Ghost
Custom Colors
06 Cheap Sunglasses

07 Chrome Head
w/ Blue Back
10 Fruit Loops

11 Pink Lemonade
13 Spotted Frog
14 Bubble Gum
24 Chartreuse Pearl Minnow
25 Red Hot Tiger
26 Chartreuse Red Head
28 Bumble Bee
31 Baby Blue Minnow
35 Fried Chicken (metallic)
38 Salmon

48 Blueberry Muffin

49 Shrimp

55 Plum Shad

56 Metallic Pink
(Trailer Trash Pink)
58 Orange Juice

59 Monkey Puke

70 Blue Hawiian

81 Silver Bullet

72 Copperhead
78 Confusion
80 Gold Eriedescent
81 Silver Eriedescent
87 Easter Egg
90 White Tiger
91 White Perch
92 Chartreuse Wonderbread
75 Purple Prism
77 Wildthing
96 Orange Peel
93 Woodpecker Redhead
76 Gold Prism
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