Hot 'N Tot Lures
Originally offered as a Bass bait, the Hot 'N Tot is now one of the most successful Walleye baits anywhere. Hot 'N Tots have also gained fame as hot Steelhead and Salmon lures. These baits are in the original colors. The Hot'n Tot creates enormous vibration in the water due to the erratic wobbling caused by its metal lip. Add the noise from hook shaking and it's easy to see why this bait is such an effective lure.

Size Product Body Weight Trolling Price
H Hot 'N Tot 2 inches 3/16 oz. 5-14 ft. $5.49
AH Hot 'N Tot 2 1/2 inches 3/8 oz. 7-20 ft. $5.49

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5.49 each

119 Gold Clown


120 Metal Flash Perch


6 Orange Tiger


3 Silver Scale


36 Solid Chartreuse


48 Solid Flourescent Red


60 Naturistic Perch


62 Naturistic Brown Crayfish

74 Hot Tiger

101 Metallic Purple/Black Back

103 Metallic Silver/Black Back

104 Metallic Yellow/Black Back

109 Metallic Gold/Fluorescent Red Back

112 Metallic Silver/ Blue Herringbone

115 Metallic Silver/Red HB

122 Metallic Hot Green Specks

126 Gold Chartreuse Specks

133 Metallic Blue Scale/ Red Lip

135 Metallic Gold/ Red Lip

148 Metallic Rainbow

149 Metallic Silver/Lime Green HB

150 Metallic Pink Sunset

178 Metallic Silver/ Chartreuse HB

179 Pink Lip Metallic Blue Glitter

251 Blueberry Glitter

252 Rainbow- Descent Glitter

Madflash Series (same as size H - 5.49 each)

561 Fire Tiger Flash

562 Honey Mustard Flash

563 Black Silver Flash

564 Mossy Orange Flash

565 Pearl Ghost Flash

581 Olive Chartreuse Glow

582 Molten Steel Glow

583 Tequila Glow

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