June 2003
Volume 8, No. 2

Water's Down & Prop Sales Up!

Lake levels have dropped again, down some eight to ten inches from last year. And that means a lot of fishermen have discovered some new rocks and sandbars. The hard way. Watch the channel markers while going out and coming in, and be prepared for an occasional surprise. The walleye opener was a busy weekend for the Resort, as the late ice-out kept the larger walleye in shallower water. Lots of guests reported very good luck, many using floating jigs during the daylight hours. Crank baits got good results for night
fishermen. Some guys trolling for walleyes caught good size perch too. Naomi heard one group came back in early, when one of the fishermen reeled in what he thought was a big catch. When his buddies reached down with a landing net, they found the lure had snagged a fish basket with a limit of live walleye inside. The guys put the fish in their live well, and kept the basket as a souvenir of an unusual morning on the bay.

When the fishingís good, the fish cleaning shack is busy. And that means somebody's going to have to make some trips to the woods. Each day since the opener, from ten to fifteen gallons of the smelly stuff has to be dumped. By now the seagulls, crows, raccoons, and bears know exactly whatís going on, and watch impatiently for each day's visit. Skunks also like a share of the free lunch, so the buffet is set up far back into the woods.

A pair of cottontail rabbits has been calling the Resort home since last fall. There have been a few ìaccidentalî birdseed spills, and an occasional dropped carrot, out back of the house. Spring is here, so there likely will be a few more than two bunnies around the place when you arrive for your weekly fishing vacation.

Blackened Walleye

• 3/4 lb. butter
• 1 tbs. paprika
• 2 1/2 tsp. salt
• 1 tsp. onion powder
• 1 tsp. garlic powder
• 1 tsp. ground red pepper
• 1/2 tsp. white pepper
• 1/2 tsp. thyme
• 1/2 tsp. oregano
• 6 walleye fillets

Serves 4

New Stuff and Old Favorites...

With the start of the season the store is packed with merchandise, including some new items. Be sure to check out the huge display of Reef Runners. There are over sixty colors and sizes in stock and ready-to-ship anywhere. New to the store this summer are Challenger and Matzuo lures, along with new colors of Walleyeís Choice harnesses. Just in are the Junior Deep Diving

Purple Prism lures, and hard-to-find replacement pads for snap-weight clips. Like to make your own harnesses? Check out the fantastic variety of blades and beads, with sizes and colors enough for even the most particular fisherman. And while weíre talking about variety, you gotta see the knives on display in the store. World famous Marbles knives and wood handled axes, made right here in Gladstone.

Getting ready to go fishing? As youíre packing up for that fishing trip ask yourself when did I put new line on that reel? If itís been more than a year or worse yet, if you canít really remember get new line on that reel now! Thereís no reason to be emotionally attached to that old line. Youíll have better luck, with fewer problems, with new line. And check your eyes too. The eyes on your rod! They may have worn spots that could nick or cut your line just at the wrong moment. Take a few minutes to get your equipment ready for the summer, and youíre likely to catch more fish. You're sure to have more fun.

Driving into the Resort this summer youíll spot a some new additions. Thereís at least one new outdoor lounger for each cabin! The loungers are all-cedar, with a generous sized seat on each end with a small table in between, just right for snacks or beverages. Theyíll be just what you're looking for at the end of a long day on the water, as you and your fishing buddies relax.

Got any good pictures of fish caught while you were on the bay? We've added a few to the
web-site since the last newsletter, but weíre still looking for more. Just e-mail them to
[email protected]. Be sure you include the names of everyone in the picture, the date it was taken and the weight of the fish.


•Heat a cast iron skillet over high heat until it is VERY hot.
•Combine the dry spices together in a bowl.
•Dip each fillet in melted butter and sprinkle the seasoning mixture over both sides.
•Put the fillets in the skillet and pour in the remaining butter.
•Cook the fish until the underside begins to blacken, then turn and cook the other side. It will cook quickly and create a lot of smoke.

Upcoming Events

June 7-8
Michigan Free Fishing Weekend

June 21-22
Bay De Noc Classic Tournament

July 12 -13
2nd Annual Salmon Derby

July 19
Nahma Big Bay Bass Tournament

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