June 1999
Vol. 4, No. 2

Low Water But Good Fishing
Lake Michigan goes up, and then it goes down... and right now it's down! We've been talking about low levels for about a year now, and there's no change in sight. Winter snowfalls and spring rains in the basin were not enough to bring the levels back to where they were a couple of years ago. So we've all got to be more careful! The best advice is to study the maps, ask other fishermen where problem spots are, and to then watch very carefully as you move about the Bay. The launch site next to the Resort is open, but is a bit busier than usual. The harbor and dock at the Resort are accessible of course, but you need to keep a close eye out for snags and shallow spots as you go out from shore. The water birds are taking advantage of the change. You'll see ducks, geese and gulls nesting on some of the new islands that have popped up.

The walleye opener was great! The DNR's official report said anglers had good to excellent catches. Since then the bite has gone up and down with the temperature. Naomi talked with fishermen who went out for walleye last week and weren't too upset when they landed some good-sized perch. She also said that she talked with some bass fishermen who were amazed at the size of the small-mouth in the Bay. A fourteen-year-old local girl walked into the store in late May with 14 and 15-inch crappies, just under the weight needed for a Master Angler's award. Ben Larson of Marquette walked in to show off a 29 1/2 inch 8-lb. 4-oz walleye. Naomi's got a good story to tell too... while on a nearby inland lake she brought in a 24 inch northern. She got it with a tinsel tail crappie rig, on a 4-lb. test line!

MWC Tournament Underway
The MWC 1998 Championship is underway on the Bay as this newsletter is printed, where the top 50 qualifying teams from last years' tournaments compete for big prizes. The last weekend of August is the time selected for the Little Bay de Noc MWC tournament, open to hundreds of teams from all over the country. It'll be an exciting time on the water, and whether you're a tournament class fisherman or not. It's fun to watch the teams take off each morning. The afternoon weigh-in's are exciting as the big fish are carefully weighed, and the team's scores are posted. As Connie says, "We don't care who wins, as long as it's someone we know!" Made your reservation for a fall fishing trip yet? Now's the time, and there's still a few weeks open at the Resort, even for MWC tournament week!

New Faces...New Stuff
Walk into the bait shop and you'll immediately see that there have been some changes. There's a couple of new faces around the shop. Local anglers Bob Donovan and Scott Wellman are now behind the counter, serving up minnows and advice on the best spots to try your luck. Other changes include...a big new window added to let in a lot more light... better organized equipment displays, with all the walleye items in one area, and crank baits displayed together, etc... and there's a bigger display of Marble Arms' knives. One more new item... check out the "Super Duper Yooper Walleye Lures"! They're hand made right here in the U.P. by an area angler who swears by 'em.

Want to keep up with the latest at the Resort? Check out our Web Page! The address is www.bay-shore-resort.com. There soon will be interior pictures of the cabins, plus information on fishing conditions and links to other angling sites.

Cabins Undergo Changes
If you haven't stayed at the Resort for a couple of years, you're in for some pleasant surprises. There's been major work done on most of the cabins, with new TV's, and microwave ovens in each unit. The new three-bedroom cabin has become very popular. And there's more picnic tables and barbecue grills for all the guests. Connie and Naomi say they'll continue improving the Resort as time, money and energy allow. One more thing, remember...guests are encouraged to bring your own towels. You may use resort towels after paying a $10.00 deposit, which will be returned, at the end of your stay, when the towels are returned in good condition. A number of guests last year apparently used resort towels to wipe out the bottom of their boats, or other dirty jobs!

Check Out These Guide Services

The low water levels have strengthened our recommendation that guests hire a Guide or Charter service. Why? Here are three good reasons. A Charter Captain or Guide will help you find the reefs, rock piles or drop offs, shortening your search time, and giving you more fishing time. And a Guide or Captain can give you insight on the types of baits or presentations that work best here. But most important, the lower water levels make prop or lower-unit damage more likely... and that could cost you lots of money or even ruin your visit. The Charter Captains and Guides that we recommend are all local guys, who fish a variety of species. They are the people we trust, and treat our guests and customers fairly, and with respect. We want you to have fond memories or your time here, so you'll return again and again.

We recommend these Charter operators to take you out in their boats:

* Captain Keith Wils, of Walleye's Choice Charter Service, 906-428-1488
* Captain Tom Gudwer, of Bay Charters, 906-359-4020
* Captain Dick Stafford, of Take Five Charters, 906-789-0110

And we recommend these Guides who will go with you in your boat:

* Northstar Guide Service, 906-359-4043
* Barney Bratonia, 906-474-9619

Woody's Corner
In the last newsletter we introduced a young Golden Lab named "George", who had come to stay at the Resort. At the time it looked like the Resort had a permanent new addition, but Woody had the last word. After watching George move in and start to make himself at home, Woody started treating George like a relative who came for a visit and wouldn't leave. George now has a new home and Woody once again is top dog!

The Old Recipe Box
Walleye Parmesan on the Grill

* 4 walleye fillets
* 2 fresh lemons
* 1 small bottle of Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce
* 1 small bottle of spicy chunky picante sauce
* 1/4 lb. butter
* cilantro
* fresh grated parmesan cheese
* salt and pepper

Put the fillets on heavy duty aluminum foil that has been oiled with cooking oil, olive oil, or sprayed with PAM, to prevent sticking.  Top with butter.

Mix the bottle of picante sauce with Lea and Perrins to taste, then add the cilantro.  Place the sauce on the fillets, and then top heavily with parmesan cheese and lemon slices.  Close, double foil, and put on outdoor grill at medium fire and cook unopened for 4 to 5 minutes per pound.  Try to open foil only once to check done-ness of the fish.  Fish should be flaky and pull apart easily with a fork when finished.

(This recipe can also be done indoors in your oven at 400 degrees.)

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